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Benefits of Walking to Work

Benefits of Walking to Work Go Beyond the Physical Since the start of our day dictates the rest of it, the benefits of walking to work go far beyond the physical. What's your daily routine like between the time you wake up and time you start work? Maybe you're a night-hawk who savours every last drop of sleep and then makes a dash for it at the last minute, arriving at your full cup of coffee and a flood of emails popping onto a screen. Or maybe, like me, you are up before dawn, treasuring quiet solitude where your time is still your own before the rest of the city invades it. Either way, we all arrive at the work places where we all intersect 5 days a week, more or less at the same time, usually in silence, not always aware how far our minds are travelling from where we actually are. Perhaps muddleheadedness would be a term.
Join the clear-headedness of walkingFor the last two weeks I've been walking 45 minutes to work, and often walking home too. The reason I suddenly d…