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Back to School Resolutions

Back to School Resolutions Are All About Going Forward Forget New Years resolutions - Back to School resolutions are the ones I always make. They do not necessarily relate to being a parent either, since my son is almost finished university and doesn't need me buying his clothes or packing his lunches anymore. They are about my own return to school, my own wellness over 40, and my own improvement in achieving wellness goals and maximizing life in a new age zone.

What are back to school resolutions, anyway? They are the product of the mental reset button we have from decades of closing the chapter of summer and embarking on a return to school. They are from our childhood excitement about starting a fresh new grade each September with a fresh new pencil case full of sharpened pencils and a new 3-ring binder with paper, dividers and a box of reinforcements on hand. (hmm, what I really mean here is a new laptop, cell phone, music and clothes...)

Being a Better Everything I still get …

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming Results in Trimmer Hips and Waistlines Whether you swim in an outdoor pool, lake or indoor pool, the health benefits of swimming cannot be overlooked. Swimming not only builds lean muscle and boosts metabolism, it also gives a killer cardio workout if you do the freestyle stroke.

What I like about swimming is that it's a relaxing form of exercise and it's free.

It's hard to find an unhappy person at any outdoor swimming pool. There's something natural about using every muscle in your body while having a surreal weightlessness. It's one place that we can experience the sensation of floating.

Since swimming is good for every age group, it's also an activity that's multi-generational. It's not unusual to see retired people, business people, family people, children and babies all playing together in the middle of the city.

Swimming Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke Beyond the alleviation of stress and its relaxing effects, swi…

Digital Media Defies Generational Boundaries

Learning Digital as a Tool of Communication Digital media, like a language, is a tool of communication and expression. What you say within it is still central to its value, and substance is still all. Although 'the medium is the message' to the extent that technology influences how messages are perceived, you still need to start with the message - and content is never dominated by one particular generation.

Is Learning Digital an Advancement or Conformity?  Can digital marketing only be properly understood and managed by millennials because they been raised in a digital world? Just reading titles like this make we wonder whether learning digital is an advancement or has just become another way of being a conformist:

"The Disconnect Between Aging Management and the Younger Workforce""New Digital Influencers: The Coming Youthquake""Meet Generation C: The Connected Customers"
Managing Digital and Social Not a Competition Between Generations Being con…

Reduce Car Usage to Increase Wellness

Reducing Car Usage Helpful for Wellness
Most of us are aware that wellness is linked to our car usage. A 2013 report from Toronto's Medical Officer of Health about the impact of transportation on health and the environment has urged this city to generate funds without delay for the proposed expansion of transportation infrastructure. Many people in the Greater Toronto Area cannot give up their cars because they have no other means of getting where they need to go throughout the normal course of their day. One wonders how the major city within the GTA region of 6 million people can still have only two subway lines to get suburbanites to the city core.

The study reports that "traffic-related pollution caused about 440 premature deaths and 1,700 hospitalizations each year in Toronto. Mortality related costs associated with traffic pollution in Toronto were estimated at $2.2 billion each year. A 30% reduction in motor vehicle emissions in Toronto that could be achieved through v…